A Lovely Gathering of Our Marvelous Mothers

On Saturday, May 13th, the happy sounds of loved ones catching up and fine china clinking resonated through the halls of Friends Fellowship Community as families gathered to enjoy an afternoon tea put on in celebration of Mother’s Day. A dozen mothers from The Courtyards and their families were treated to fresh fruit pizzas, finger sandwiches and a variety of hot and cold teas. Darlene Frame, daughter of Kathleen Thornburg, had recently vacationed in the popular resort town of Greenbrier, West Virginia, and declared that the tea at the event was “every bit as good as theirs.”  

The tables in the Community Room were decorated with flowers, pink napkins and beautifully intricate china tea cups and saucers, provided by Diana King, Senior Activities Assistant in The Courtyards. Ferns flanked the entrances to the room and the walls were adorned with art work, including many pieces made by the mothers being celebrated. There was light music playing in the background but it was barely audible for all the sounds of conversation and laughter.

Family members were invited to share something special about their mother or grandmother and the responses were as surprising as they were interesting. It turns out that Yerevan Peterson was a local activist! When it was discovered in the 1980s that an Oxford, Ohio factory had been milling uranium resulting in the contamination of an entire neighborhood, Yerevan worked to get the area declared a super fund site. She then spent several years cleaning it up. When asked about the experience, Yerevan humbly stated, “You can always do a little bit more to help.”

Another mother celebrated at the event, Louise Fisher, went the extra mile throughout her life to make her children and grandchildren feel loved. Louise’s daughter, Candy Metzger, shared, “My mother worked very hard in the evenings after I went to bed to make a life-sized dancing doll for Christmas when I was six years old.” When asked about her labor of love, Louise smiled broadly, “That was quite a project! She couldn’t wait for that doll to be finished but I didn’t let her play with it until I was done.” Louise’s granddaughter, Alyssa Metzger, also shared a lovely memory. “When I was little she would always have snacks waiting for me after school. One day was extra special because when I got home, all the marshmallows had been separated out of my Lucky Charms…she knew that was my favorite part.” Louise remembers that day fondly, saying, “They liked all the concoctions I made. The snacks were mostly healthy and I watched what they ate and tried not to give them too much of the bad stuff. But, sometimes I’d treat them!”

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our special ladies at Friends Fellowship Community!

by Sophia Ottoni-Wilhelm