Why did you choose to move to Friends Fellowship Community?

  • Dr. Howard & Sue Deitsch, Residents

    " We moved to Friends Fellowship for the sense of friendship and community! Life is much simpler now that we have gotten rid of 45 years of house “stuff”! Repairs are done with one call. Explore the possibilities and start downsizing now. "

  • Tom Milligan, Resident

    " My spouse passed away and I experienced a horrible fall at my home. I needed the residential services and support offered by FFC. The residents and staff are very friendly and available to me and my family as needed. This move has worked well for me PLUS the food is excellent. "

  • Sue Wright, Resident

    " My mother lived at Friends Fellowship Community almost 20 years ago. She had no worries and received the care she needed throughout her life. I decided to move because of the security and freedom from property maintenance. I would highly recommend getting on the waiting list and moving earlier in life—possibly to a home first. "

  • Duane Roland, Resident

    " After my wife of 58 years passed away and spending four years as her caregiver, I decided to return to Richmond and make FFC my new home. I did not want my sons to have to worry about my future care. I enjoy the ability to live in Independent Housing where I have an outside patio, grass, trees, and beautiful landscaping. AND the best part is FFC maintains all of the including snow removal. "

  • Roland Cutter & Julie Maxeiner, Residents

    " Because Richmond is our hometown, we were well acquainted with many people who live at FFC. Through the years we were able to gather information that always put FFC in a positive light. At our age it is comforting to know there is competent staff that provides household maintenance as well as many social events for us. If there is one piece of advice we could share with others it would be to be realistic about lifestyle and your future needs. "

  • Phil & Ann Monger, Residents

    " We started researching retirement living in Bloomington because we are IU Grads and some of our children live there. We found the continuum of care was not as extensive which was important to us. We also have children and grandchildren in the Richmond area. My parents lived at FFC in the 80’s and it was a good fit. We are happy not to own real estate and appreciate being able to call for maintenance issues, have our grass cut and snow removed. It feels good to have the clutter gone from 58 years of housekeeping. If we could give advice to others considering a move, we would say that rarely has anyone said that they moved to a retirement community too soon. Most of us should have done it earlier. Do it before you have health problems and are unable to enjoy the lifestyle and “take it easy.” "

  • Tom & Joy Holthouse, Residents

    " We heard so many good things about FFC. It is a pleasant place where people are so friendly and welcoming. Even though we just recently moved to our Independent Home, we are amazed how much more relaxed we feel. We can only imagine how much easier it will be next summer. Our advice to others is “Don’t wait!” You will be surprised how much easier life is. Get your name on the waiting list today! "