Why did you choose to move to Friends Fellowship Community?

  • Lois Jordan, Resident

    " I’m a Quaker, so I’ve known about and visited FFC since the first shovelful of dirt was dug! I’ve had aunts, an uncle and cousins living here over the years, and we had family gatherings here for Thanksgiving and other events. I knew when I moved here it would feel like home. "

  • Myron & Linda Hopkins, Residents

    " We wanted to relieve our sons of the responsibility of deciding what to do with us when we are old. We also thought it would be a very nice place to live. "

  • Martha Freer, Resident

    " The great staff, friendly people, and lovely landscaping, flowers and buildings. There are so many things you can do if you want and so many places to go. "

  • Bill & Becky Niersbach, Residents

    " We’ve had family connections with FFC for many years. We know the people and the services, and we planned ahead for our move. We enjoy the conveniences, home care and services. FFC staff is interested in the residents, and maintenance crews are prompt in responding to any problems in the house. The many activities are varied to appeal to all ages and all tastes, and suggestions are welcomed. "

  • Ron & Doris Luellen, Residents

    " When we decided to move from Bloomington to Richmond to be closer to our family, we thought it was in our best interest to make this our final move. We decided that a Continuing Care Community was the right decision, and FFC was the best available in this area. We know our decision was the correct one! "

  • Rena Warner, Resident

    " I wanted to be nearer family and settle into a senior community, but keep my independence and have help available if needed. FFC fit the bill. I was impressed with the beautiful grounds and homes; people are very pleasant, concerned and caring. I felt it was financially reasonable. The things that impressed me to begin with are very real – not just a façade to ‘sell.’ Last summer’s health problems showed the caring side of FFC. When I presented a problem, someone always had an answer to help solve it and relieve my worry and concern. "

  • Paula Gregory, Resident

    " The fact that FFC offers continuing care, going from independent living to fulltime health care or dementia care, was the most important reason. My children won’t have to make difficult decisions about my care. "

  • Dick & Jan Bohlander, Residents

    " For personal security reasons as we advanced in the aging process and to give our daughter peace of mind to know we’d be taken care of in her absence. And we love our home! It’s the best buy in residential retirement living in Indiana. "

  • Doris Miller, Resident

    " I came to FFC for freedom and security – the freedom to come and go as I please and the security of safe living and health care. "

  • Don & Pat Clark, Residents

    " Living 600 miles away, my parents gave us one of the best gifts ever when they decided to become residents of a similar retirement community in Virginia. We didn’t have to worry about them getting help when needed, and it was a very social and upbeat community. Now, coming to FFC, we feel we have given our children the same gift. They know we are happy here, we can get help when needed, and where else could you live in a lovely home that backs onto a beautiful woods!

    It’s in the name – fellowship. We have known others who have come here before us and have met new friends as well. The programs and special dinner parties are excellent. The friendly employees make FFC a pleasant environment in which to live. We also know we have a future here, if not in our home, then in the main building. We know our home is in safe hands when we travel. "

  • Donna Hollenberg, Resident

    " The ambience – how well and beautifully the environment is kept. Open-minded, friendly and compatible people. The staff is invariably pleasant and helpful, and I appreciate the efforts of the Activity Department. "

  • Don & Nancy Michel, Residents

    " Guaranteed lifetime care and security and not having to be responsible for home and lawn maintenance. Our children will never have to be responsible for our care. We enjoy the friendliness of the residents and the staff is very helpful. "