Absolutely The Best Day at FFC

It has just been one of those Saturdays!  Sometimes you think you have seen it all, but NOT at FFC.  Today I saw wild turkeys “movin on down the road” in Independent Housing.  THEN as I walked out the front door I saw, for the first time ever, a hummingbird moth.












The hummingbird moth was very content to fly back and forth between the purple and pink verbena.  I think I took close to 30 pictures and videos.  AMAZING!!  We see wild turkeys quite often but it always makes me stop to take pictures when I see them pop out from the side of one of our homes.  They always seem to be on a mission to wherever, to see whatever.

Never a dull moment here.  If you walk around our community you might even see a Great Blue Heron on our front pond.  Drive through to see for yourself.  It’s just nicer here!