Annual Employee Awards Banquet

Our employees who have worked at FFC for at least a year have a special opportunity each November to gather outside of work to share a wonderful meal, socialize, play games and win prizes, and receive recognition for their service and commitment to FFC.  

While we had fifty-one employees receive recognition for service, we would like to give special recognition to three employees.

  • Gary Woodruff, Maintenance Director, received an award for thirty years of service.
  • Tammi Dalton, Environmental Services Director, received an award for twenty-five years of service.
  • Carolyn Hayes, Laundry, received an award for twenty years of service.

Gary Woodruff (left) with President Jeff Baxter

Tammi Dalton with President Jeff Baxter

Carolyn Hayes with President Jeff Baxter

This year, President Jeff Baxter reminded us of what we as employees should be focusing on daily with a special Top 12 list, because 10 just isn’t enough!

12.  Celebrating and taking personal satisfaction in meaningful work well done.

11.  Demonstrating openness and flexibility toward changing needs and expectations.

10.  Recognizing and supporting the value and strength of team effort.

  9.  Simply doing the things we know to do and focusing on doing them better.

  8.  Remembering that details make all the difference.

  7.  Always doing more than expected.

  6.  Practicing personal responsibility and accountability.

  5.  Striving for excellence in all we do.

  4.  Improving everything, including our performance, by improving our attitudes.

  3.  Developing and honoring trust in relationships.

  2.  Showing respect for each individual and for the Community.

  And numero uno on the list, never forgetting it’s all about the residents.

All twelve items are critical for the employees at Friends Fellowship as we try to make our residents and their families as satisfied as possible – with everything we do!