It’s Our Shot, Hoosiers

We are excited to share that our first COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic was held on Friday, January 15 in conjunction with CVS Pharmacy!  A second Vaccine Clinic is scheduled for Friday, February 12.  Residents and employees that received their first dose vaccination today will receive their second dose vaccination on Friday, February 12.  Any new residents  … Read more

Welcome Nicole Chalfant, Friends Fellowship Fitness Specialist

Hello!  My name is Nicole and I am the new Fitness Specialist here at Friends Fellowship!  Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I moved to Bloomington, Indiana in 2011 to attend Indiana University where I gained my bachelor’s degree while also playing field hockey.  While in college, I met my now fiancé, Adam, who is from Winchester,  … Read more

FFC Postal Service – at your service

How long has it been?  A month or two or three that your mail has miraculously shown up on your front porch each and every day, rain or shine, just like the USPS.                       Do you really know what it takes for you to receive  … Read more

It’s a Mystery and a Joyous One at That

Who is it?  Have you seen the rock art at FFC?  Do you think it is an individual or a group?  How many rocks are scattered around our Community?             It has been so fun glancing down in the most unexpected places and seeing a beautifully painted rock!  AND the  … Read more

Watch Our Garden Grow

Wow–we must have fantastic soil at FFC!  Our Community Garden has expanded this year and even with a late start everything is certainly more than “knee high by the 4th of July!”               During this COVID-19 pandemic, gardening is a great way to enjoy some sunshine, get some exercise  … Read more

Talented Resident at FFC-Eugenia Mills

Eugenia constantly shares here wonderful photos she takes during her walks on our campus!  She recently won first place in the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuges photo contest.  The contest was for non-commercial photographers and the subject had to be “Birds of Indiana”.   The winners of the spring on-line “Birds of Indiana” photo contest are  … Read more

Outdoor Visits-Oh it Feels So Good!

Last Monday we started the outdoor visits with residents and families.  They are supervised with restrictions BUT these visits have certainly been a huge success.  You can imagine how it feels to see your loved one in person!                         No hugs or kisses for  … Read more

What a Lady

Friends Fellowship Community is proud to announce that our resident, Aileen Githens, was selected to receive the Ruth J. Wickemeyer Award for Community Service.  This award recognizes paid or volunteer not-for-profit leaders who personify exceptional service to others.  Aileen was nominated by the Civic Hall Associates.  She volunteers as an usher for this organization and  … Read more

Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All

One of our residents just happened to mention that she could not park her car in her car space because of the goose eggs.  I did not think much about it until today so I walked over to take a look.     Good heavens you’d think the mama goose could pick a better spot  … Read more

Heroes Work Here

What a nice surprise to see this message at the entrance to Friends Fellowship Community!     We appreciate the Chamber of Commerce putting this at our entrance.  Everyone at FFC has been working so hard so this really made our day!  Yes heroes do work here and we love our Community.