Our Architect– K2MDesign

Becky Stambaugh visited our Community a couple of times.  One was a photo shoot of the recent changes made in our renovation project.  The last time she visited in February was to share her photos and also to chat about our project and how it has impacted our residents and staff. https://www.k2mdesign.com/projects/senior-living/friends-fellowship-celebrating-50-years-of-independent-living/ It is very  … Read more

We Are So Excited!

At long last our cars finally have a home!  Yes—the carports are finished and numbered.  Today we officially opened the spaces to our residents and the feedback has been great!  Our new carports are so nice and protect our vehicles much better than our original carport spaces. We even have a spot for your bicycle for  … Read more

It’s the Simple Pleasures in Life

Sometimes we take things for granted.  I think that is just human nature, but at FFC we appreciate everything that improves our quality of life!  We are now enjoying updated, fabulous, fantastic and new/improved Wi-Fi throughout the Main Building.  Of course the trend is to “stay connected” and that is just what we are doing  … Read more

Appreciation Lunch at FFC

    Earlier this week FFC hosted a buffet luncheon for all of the companies working on the renovation project. All of the workers involved have been so courteous to our residents. They realize this is their home and know that to make things better there is often a bit of a mess and lots  … Read more

WOW-The FFC Maintenance Building-WOW

I just had to share a picture of our “almost completed” maintenance building. We still have to add the cupola and weathervane, but even without those two “on top” it looks beautiful!     Our staff is looking forward to moving all of our equipment and supplies next week. This move gives Artie and crew  … Read more

Moving Dirt, New Doors and Turkeys

You just never know what you will see at Friends Fellowship Community. Today we looked at the new doors for every apartment in the Main Building and also watched the removal of LOTS of dirt from the Memorial Garden. Each week we see so many changes throughout our campus and sometimes it is hard to  … Read more

Inch By Inch

We are so excited to see the progress being made with our renovation project. A week may go by and things do not look any different, but all of a sudden there are new handrails on the wall in the hallways, sconces are going up, and canned lights are being installed in the new main office area.    … Read more

The Team That Keep us Ticking-

Our Maintenance Department will soon have a new home and they are excited for the extra storage and work space.   FFC has lots of “moving parts” that keep us up and running. From appliances in Independent Housing, to drains in every apartment, to bushes that need trimming, to water heaters that leak—our Maintenance Department  … Read more


I just had to share this picture where I had the privilege of taking the “first swing” at our planters outside the elevator on each floor. For 18 years I have decorated them seasonally and have found over the years they are a storage area for dirt, Kleenexes, ribbon, paper, etc. When our design team  … Read more