Independent Housing provides maintenance-free, at-home comfort for those who have no intention of retiring from an active lifestyle. There are six different two- and three-bedroom floor plans available, ranging from 1,382 to 2,070 total square feet.

Home Features

  • Brick or stone exterior
  • Spacious living and dining area
  • Two full baths
  • Full kitchen and breakfast nook
  • Electric heat pump (Phase I homes)
  • Gas furnace (Phase II and III homes)
  • Electric furnace (Phase III homes)
  • Attic storage above garage
  • Fireplace (optional)
  • Sunroom (optional)
  • Screened porch (optional)
  • Outdoor patio or deck
  • One- and two-car garages
  • Emergency call system

Services Included

  • Appliance repair and maintenance
  • Sheers and drapery cleaning as needed
  • 24-hour security
  • Access to all amenities in Main Building
  • Trash and recycling collection
  • 24-hour emergency nurse call
  • Insurance on building
  • Exterior and interior maintenance
  • Carpet cleaning as needed
  • Twice yearly window washing
  • Regularly scheduled transportation
  • Lawn care and snow removal
  • Recreational activities
  • Access to Health Care Center services

Available at an Additional Fee

  • Dining
  • Guest rooms
  • Guest dining
  • Beauty/Barber Shop
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry services
  • Carports

Fee Information

There are two basic fees associated with Independent Housing – the entry fee and the monthly maintenance fee.  The monthly maintenance fee does not include utilities.

The entry fee is composed of two parts – (a) a Refund Portion and (b) the Life Lease fee.

a) The Refund Portion is returned to you or your estate upon the resale of the Independent Housing Unit formerly occupied by said member or within six months of the death or withdrawal of said member, whichever shall first occur.

b) The Life Lease fee ($70,000 for one person; $85,000 for two people) would be refunded on a prorated basis if the home is vacated due to death or withdrawal from Friends Fellowship within the first 24 months of residency.  After the 24th month of residency, the Life Lease fee is no longer refundable.  If you are relocating to another accommodation within the Community, full credit for the Life Lease fee would be given toward the other accommodation.



  Total Entry Fee =  Life Lease Fee  + Refund Monthly Fee
1 Person $180,000 $70,000 $110,000 $660
2 People $140,000 $85,000   $55,000 $660
  $225,000 $85,000 $140,000 $660

As of January 1, 2016, pets are allowed in Independent Housing. A copy of the pet policy may be obtained from the Marketing Department.


Pet Fees:

  • One-time pet fee: $250 at time of admission (per pet – nonrefundable)
  • Monthly pet fee: $25 per month (per pet)


Miscellaneous Fees:

  • Guest Meals: Between $7.15 and $13.80 plus Sales Tax 
  • Beauty Shop: Between $6.55 and $63.45
  • Guest Rooms: $75.00 plus 7% Sales Tax and 5% Innkeeper’s Tax (per night) **
  • Carport: $31 (per month)


* For a 30-day month

** Innkeeper’s tax effective 12/1/2015


All fees are subject to change.
Effective 1/1/2021


Download 2021 Ind. Housing Fees



For a list of Independent Housing fees broken down individually, see our A La Carte Fees document below.

Download A La Carte Fees



Health Care Center Services:

One of the most unique and valuable services we provide to all members of Friends Fellowship Community is guaranteed access to comprehensive nursing care if it is ever needed. 

The Health Care Center is available for temporary recuperative stays or permanent transfers.  Staffed with professional nurses (RNs and LPNs), Nursing Assistants, Activity Assistants and other support staff, the Health Care Center is licensed by the Indiana State Department of Health as a Comprehensive Care Facility. 

The cost for a stay in the Health Care Center consists of a monthly fee of $2,580 (which is prorated for the actual length of stay) plus the daily fee of $107 per day. While we do not participate in the Medicare or Medicaid programs, we do provide a number of days in the Health Care Center where the $107 daily fee is waived. For example, resident members accumulate 10 waived or “discount” days each year (up to a maximum of 30 days) and also receive 30 discount days after a hospital stay of four (4) days or longer. Until all of the discount days have been used, the daily cost for a stay in the Health Care Center would be the prorated monthly fee of $2,580 or $86 per day. After the waiver days have been used, the daily cost would then be $193 ($86 + $107) per day.



There is currently an extensive waiting list for Independent Housing. An approved application and $200 fee is required to have your name placed on the list.


Download Application


To apply, please print and complete the application. Mail or deliver to Friends Fellowship Community along with the $200 non-refundable deposit.