The Courtyards provides compassionate care to individuals with dementia.  This philosophy is reflected in everything about The Courtyards – from the environment, team structure, policies and procedures to family involvement and support.  We understand how challenging a diagnosis of dementia can be for the entire family, and we believe you will find that The Courtyards is a very special setting for your loved one to call home.


Philosophy of Care

Residents who live within The Courtyards have a diagnosis of a dementia.  Therefore, their functional and social skills will differ from what is commonly considered typical for our society.  We recognize that quality care begins with an understanding that a mentally and/or physically impaired and dependent person is just that – a person.  We view each resident as a multi-dimensional person with a unique life story.  We believe that challenging behavior associated with dementia should be viewed as an unmet need rather than a deliberate attempt to be difficult.  Every resident deserves respect and the chance to maintain his or her dignity as a person.


  • The Courtyards is connected to the first floor of the Main Building
  • Semi-private rooms
  • Outdoor courtyards
  • Enclosed porches overlooking the courtyards
  • Kitchen areas for meal preparations and activities. 
  • Rooms are furnished, but residents may wish to bring personal items from home such as a favorite chair or bedspread,
  • Pictures for the walls
  • TV (optional)
  • A locked curio cabinet is located outside each room and provides space for familiar items that help the resident locate their room.


  • Meal Service

    Three delicious meals a day plus snacks in the morning, afternoon and evening are included in the monthly fee. Each meal features a variety of selections for every appetite and diet need.

  • Housekeeping

    A thorough cleaning of each room is done on a regular basis. Housekeeping services are also provided on a daily basis. Housekeepers, part of The Courtyards interdisciplinary team, are trained in caring for individuals with dementia.

  • Transportation

    Residents who leave the facility for visits or appointments should be accompanied by family or friends. Transportation and a staff member are available to accompany the resident for such outings at an additional charge.

  • Laundry Services

    Sheets, towels and bedding are provided and laundered daily. Personal laundry is done once a week.

  • Nursing Services

    Round-the-clock nursing care is provided in The Courtyards. All medications and treatments are dispensed under physicians’ orders by a licensed nurse.

  • Security

    The Courtyards is designed with safety as a priority. Walkways provide residents safe access to indoor and outdoor areas with sensibly spaced rest areas and points of interest. To provide maximum security while allowing freedom of movement, exits are secured at all times. A code must be entered to gain access or exit The Courtyards.

  • Activities

    Residents seem to manage better in structured situations. By structuring the day around a program of activities, we assist them in coping better. Everything we do with a resident, including activities of daily living, is considered an activity, as is rest, mealtime, recreation, relaxation and special events. While our day is structured, it is also designed to meet the individual needs and lifestyles of the residents. For example, if a resident has always bathed later in the evening, we will accommodate that routine rather than complete everyone’s daily care in the early morning.


  • Guest room and guest dining
  • Beauty/Barber Shop
  • Dry cleaning

Floor Plans


Friends Fellowship Community offers two residency options for people requiring dementia care – the “Life Care Guarantee” option and “Private Pay” option. The Life Care Guarantee option offers a guarantee of care and accommodations for life regardless of future ability to pay, once a member is accepted. The Private Pay option does not require payment of the Life Lease Fee, but does not guarantee accommodations for life.



Requires payment of a Life Lease in the amount of $32,000; plus,

  Daily Monthly Total*
Semi-Private Room $222 = $6,660

The Private Pay option does not require payment of the Life Lease Fee, but does not guarantee accommodations for life.

  Daily Monthly Total*
Semi-Private Room $277 = $8,310



Rental residents may apply for Life Care membership at any time. Ten percent (10%) of each month’s paid rental fee will be credited toward your Life Lease fee. The maximum credit allowed for one person is $6,000 and for two people the maximum is $12,000. Upon conversion to a Life Care contract, the monthly/daily fee will be reduced to the current monthly/daily fee in effect for Life Lease residents.


*For a 30-day month.


All fees are subject to change.
Effective 1/1/2021


Download 2021 The Courtyards Fees


Download Application


To apply, please print and complete the application. Mail or deliver to Friends Fellowship Community along with the $200 non-refundable deposit.