FFC Postal Service – at your service

How long has it been?  A month or two or three that your mail has miraculously shown up on your front porch each and every day, rain or shine, just like the USPS.












Do you really know what it takes for you to receive your mail and packages every day during this COVID-19 pandemic?  It all starts with the maintenance employee on duty picking up all mail downtown at the post office.  All packages arrive by FedEx or UPS and have to be logged in and sorted for distribution.   Usually Diane, backed up by Debbie and Janet, starts sorting the mail for insertion into each mailbox.  Sometimes this takes over an hour to accomplish.  Wendy and I make sure the packages have the home numbers on them.  Once Diane is done we sort all mail for IH delivery, gather all packages and take to the west entrance.  Jo Ellen/Phil and/or Gary meet us, load their cars—and they are off!  One by one they stop at each home to make the delivery.  WHEW—what a process that is done each and every day.

A HUGE thank you to these three angels.  We could not have done it without you, and I guess we aren’t really done.  The saga continues———