It’s No Yolk, We Have Live Baby Chicks Strutting Around the Life Enhancement Office!!

What an adventurous and exciting month we have had here at Friends Fellowship Community.  Our good friend, Pat Foreman, generously brought incubated chick eggs to our community.  Pat taught us about the awe-inspiring journey from egg to chick during a wonderful educational presentation.  It covered the entire process of finding fertile eggs (even without a rooster), selecting the most likely eggs to hatch, and embryo development that happens inside an egg. After teaching us about their life cycle, she left them at our disposal (crazy lady!!).  The last few weeks, we have tracked their life cycle through incubation, named them, and predicted their hatch date.  Finally on a cold, snowy Monday the Life Enhancement staff started hearing little peeps from the eggs; by Tuesday morning we had chicks!  These adorable little feathery guys have brought so much life to our community this past month.  We have all become egg-sperts thanks to the experience.  What animal would you like to see visit next?  Stop by the Life Enhancement Office and let one of our staff know.