Loneliness Can Affect Your Life Expectancy

As we know people are living much longer so we need to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally! A recent article in the AARP bulletin goes into great detail about the negative benefits of being lonely. If you receive the AARP Bulletin/Real Possibilities, June 2018, glance at the article written by Jo Ann Jenkins, CEO, page 42, it gives a very concise synopsis about loneliness and aging.

Think about the benefits of living in a community where there are a lot of ways to make new friends, stay active and eat a healthy diet. At Friends Fellowship Community, we focus on the things that improve quality of life. You can stay as busy and involved as you want to be on a daily basis. Another plus is the availability of six levels of accommodation so, depending on your current health, we have accommodations that will meet your needs.

It always feels better “sharing life” with someone you love or a great friend. Having a purpose makes each and every day more enjoyable. Stop by to see FFC to find out more!