Mindfulness and Movement-Exciting New Yoga Offerings at FFC

At FFC we are constantly looking for ways to expand our wellness offerings.  Quality of life is so important to all of us and yoga promotes so many wellness benefits to our bodies.  I am pleased that Sophia has found this to be so popular that we are offering another class.  This is so exciting for us.  Please take time read Sophia’s thoughts below. 

A new kind of exercise class is being offered in our Community – yoga! Stretching and Movement: Beginner’s Yoga Class is now being offered twice a week on Thursday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. in the Recreation Room and Saturday mornings at 10:30 a.m. in the Assembly Room. Both classes are for beginners and are entirely chair-based, lasting approximately 25 minutes with 5 minutes of quiet time at the end. Both classes will be held on a weekly basis throughout the year.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, yoga is a kind of exercise that originated in Asia but has gained popularity in the U.S. because several of its key components can be applied to all. Yoga involves being gentle with your body, paying attention to your movement and your breath while you stretch and extend your range of motion in various poses. Most importantly, yoga has been shown to improve walking, bending and balance – all concerns for aging adults.

There are no religious aspects involved in these classes, unless you choose to pray or sit in silence at the end of class, which is very welcome. We could all use a little time to unwind and relax as the cold winter months finally draw to a close and everyone gets excited for warm weather. As an independent resident and regular attendee of the Thursday class remarked, “This class gives me a chance to finally calm down. I’m too busy; I need the help to relax.”

Come out on Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning and see if yoga feels right for you, we’d love to have you!

Be well.

Sophia Ottoni-Wilhelm
Wellness Coordinator