Friends Fellowship Community Team Walks the Talk to End Alzheimer’s

“A vision of a world without Alzheimer’s Disease” may seem lofty; working together towards this common goal, however, is how it will succeed. The Alzheimer’s Association means to end this progressive debilitative disease by doing just that and Friends Fellowship Community is part of the team. Friends Fellowship Community’s team of at least fifteen will  … Read more

Music is in the air

Yes we definitely have talented residents at FFC.  This year we formed our own FFC Choir.  Although in the initial year we only have eight in the group including our pianist, Carol Black (also a resident), and Marjorie Johnstone as the director, we hope to welcome more members in the coming months.  On Sunday, August  … Read more

Enriching Residents’ Lives through Community Engagement

Class is back! As school campuses return for a new year, Friends Fellowship Community is right alongside promoting the many opportunities for service-learning, internships, and career professional development. Earlham College and Indiana University East are once again stepping up as strong partners in this collaboration. We are also delighted to begin a new partnership with  … Read more


At Friends Fellowship Community fitness and wellness are a top priority for our residents and staff.  We want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a good balance between our weight and food intake.  Stress often causes many of us to over indulge on a routine basis.  This article from HellaWella gives us some good insight  … Read more

Keeping Your Cell Phone Alive

Yes, we are all in love with our cell phones—well most of us anyway! About five years ago when I was decorating for one of our FFC events, I dropped my phone in a bucket of water. My first thought was one of panic. What should I do or who should I call? I wish  … Read more

Opening Minds through Art (OMA) Shares Successes with Volunteers

OMA Volunteers can’t be beat! Opening Minds through Art flourishes as a result of consistent volunteers willing to take the time to be patient and present with their elder partners. FFC is finishing its first OMA year with a summer art exhibit. Twenty-seven residents participated in the program this summer. They met with twenty-four volunteers  … Read more

OMA Art Show

Stop by the Community Room next Tuesday, July 26, to see the wonderful works of art completed by our OMA artists!  There will also be OMA t-shirts and note cards for sale.

Volunteer Connections = Positive Experiences

Six special young people have shared their summer with residents at FFC.  They have graciously created friendships and goodwill while participating in the Opening Minds through Art program. Several have gone the extra mile and spent quality time with residents outside of the OMA art sessions.  The young students are: Madalynn Harrison (Test Middle School),  … Read more

What Does Hospice Really Mean?

There are so many misconceptions about hospice today.  Many times families are upset when hospice is recommended because they think it means “giving up”, but in reality it can mean there is a shift from curing an illness to providing compassionate care, comfort and quality of life.  Hospice care helps to alleviate pain and symptoms  … Read more

Summertime at FFC

You know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words!”  The campus of FFC is such a beautiful place to live and work.  We welcomed the first day of summer and the full moon with this wonderful shot of our pond, and numerous times we have welcomed the fawns that visit our campus.   Our  … Read more