Volunteer Connections = Positive Experiences

Six special young people have shared their summer with residents at FFC.  They have graciously created friendships and goodwill while participating in the Opening Minds through Art program. Several have gone the extra mile and spent quality time with residents outside of the OMA art sessions.  The young students are: Madalynn Harrison (Test Middle School),  … Read more

What Does Hospice Really Mean?

There are so many misconceptions about hospice today.  Many times families are upset when hospice is recommended because they think it means “giving up”, but in reality it can mean there is a shift from curing an illness to providing compassionate care, comfort and quality of life.  Hospice care helps to alleviate pain and symptoms  … Read more

Summertime at FFC

You know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words!”  The campus of FFC is such a beautiful place to live and work.  We welcomed the first day of summer and the full moon with this wonderful shot of our pond, and numerous times we have welcomed the fawns that visit our campus.   Our  … Read more

Setting the Bar at Friends Fellowship Community

Friends Fellowship Community plays an active role in professional development. The ability to set our expectations high and maintain the best environment and services for those we serve depends on it. In addition to participating in professional networking organizations, workshops, and training sessions, our staff is also asked periodically to teach or share our work  … Read more

Carol Lou Just For You

Music filled the air in the Community Room on two separate occasions in May.  Our residents and guests were fortunate to hear Carol Lou Woodward play “one more time” before she moves from the Richmond community this summer.  Even though she has played at Friends Fellowship Community many times in the past, we never tire  … Read more

Young Students at Vaile Elementary Share OMA Art Experience

“Connections between generations are essential for the mental health and stability of the nation.”   – Margaret Mead Not being able to transport a class to FFC, one teacher decided to “think outside the box.”  Sharing the value of friendships with elders and all they can do, Miss Bradburn decided to allow her kindergarten students to  … Read more

Mothers are so special……..

At FFC we feel mothers are special every day, but on Mother’s Day we REALLY want them to feel special. On Saturday, April 30, and Saturday, May 7, we welcomed mothers and their families to the Community Room to reminisce and share special memories from the past. Delicious appetizers and desserts along with beautiful background  … Read more

Opening Minds through Art – Show & Silent Auction

Congratulations to all the artists and artist partners on a most successful semester! Did you miss the opening reception? There is plenty of time to visit the show. The Opening Minds through Art (OMA) – Art Show will be on exhibit through Sunday, May 8, 2016, in our Community Room.  The works of art created  … Read more

It Takes a Village … of Community Partners

Friends Fellowship Community was thrilled to participate in the recent Indiana University East Read Out Day on April 12, 2016.  FFC is a thriving community campus where many students participate in volunteer positions, internships, service learning and academic college credit assignments. IU East is one such very active partner with our residents. Celebrating 196 years  … Read more

Abracadabra-Magic at the March Men’s Breakfast

The men who attended the March Men’s Breakfast were entertained by our own FFC magician, Gary Mills.  Everyone at the breakfast was in awe of Gary’s magic talent.  There were a couple of tricks that were pretty special to see.  He made a Life Savers® mint appear on his cell phone screen, and then voilà,  … Read more