Qualified Medication Aides

  Some of our wonderful CNAs have just completed additional training and demonstrated competency for dispensing and passing medications to become QMAs (Qualified Medication Aides) here at FFC.  A special luncheon was held at The Olde Richmond Inn in their honor, and congratulations to all.  We like to think the care at Friends Fellowship is  … Read more

The Hunts is On – for Easter Eggs!

What a great turnout on the beautiful lawns of Friends Fellowship for the first annual Easter Egg Hunt!  It was a roaring success, and the children and grandchildren of residents and staff that showed up to hunt for the pretty goodies hidden in the grass had a blast! Did you know the humble egg is  … Read more

Have you read about our move-in special?

Do you remember when Uncle Sam wanted you?  Well, now Friends Fellowship wants you, too!  We want you to become a part of our wonderful Community, and we would love to help you make that happen.  We know that moving is difficult, no matter your age or health or even whether it’s just a move  … Read more

Welcome to the Neighborhood

A few weeks ago our newest residents gathered together in the Community Room for a reception in their honor.  Each resident was introduced by name, where they were born, and where they resided before coming to Friends Fellowship.  A couple of them came from as far as Maine and New York City while others are  … Read more

Picasso Who?

A few of our residents are participating in adult art education classes offered by the Richmond Art Museum.  The classes are being held downtown at Room 912 IU East Art Gallery (formerly Hoppe Jewelers).  They will be going once a week for four weeks learning different forms of art from instructor Tom Butters.  We can  … Read more

Live from New York… It’s Wendy!

My name is Wendy Formeck, and I recently joined the marketing department at FFC.  My husband Steve and I relocated here in November from upstate New York due to him being transferred with Belden; I thought I would get a little reprieve from the crazy New York winters but that certainly hasn’t been the case.   … Read more

Do a Drive-By!

Hey, if you are a frequent traveler on Chester Boulevard – and who isn’t if you live in Richmond or anywhere close by – chances are really good that you’ve already seen and admired FFC’s beautiful Endowment Tree of Lights, especially in December when it’s all lit up like a Christmas tree! Every year in  … Read more

Have You Walked Today?

Sooo, just how far have  you walked today?  If you live at Friends Fellowship, you could be a part of our popular new walking group, a fitness program that keeps track of your daily hikes!  We aren’t handing out any shopworn pedometers, but we are handing out “walking guides” which will give our residents several  … Read more

What’s That? The Loch Ness Monster?

No, but it sure looks like it!  A little bit, ok, not much at all – but it is something very different in our pond other than the typical mallards and brown ducks.  It’s a cormorant, we think maybe it got off track a little on its way south and just landed in our pond  … Read more