“The” Annual Picnic

Our signature event for residents and their families, the Annual Picnic, was held on September 5th and it was nothing short of fabulous – just like our theme this year – the 1950’s!  We relived that fabulous decade with a display of vintage hot rods, a rockin’ hula hoop contest and old-fashioned cake walk, a  … Read more

Fancy a Cuppa?

Tea time in England means having a “cuppa” – a cup of tea that is.  Our Life Enhancement team has taken a fancy themselves to area tea rooms – we’ve traveled to several tea rooms in Indiana and Ohio sampling their delicious wares.  The most recent trip was to Edith Mae’s Tea Room in Xenia,  … Read more

The Current YOU needs to take care of the Future YOU

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are closing in on retirement age — or are already there and obviously checking out senior communities!  Planning is the key to retiring, and the future you is going to be really  critical of the present you if you haven’t been preparing! The Wall Street Journal  … Read more

We Don’t Sell You, We Show You

It is your lucky day if you have the foresight and good sense to walk through our front door at Friends Fellowship because you’ve been thinking you might be reaching that point in life when you need to plan for your future, including not only possible but probable health care.  You will likely meet either  … Read more

Spotlight on Life Enhancement

“Let’s get busy!”  “With what?” you ask.  Let’s see, we could paint a lovely picture this morning, arrange some flowers for your apartment after lunch, listen to a classical guitarist late in the afternoon and then maybe this evening join the Dinner Out group heading to a local restaurant.  Because if you had overlooked the  … Read more

Come Fly With Me!

Recently several of our residents had a bus excursion (we didn’t fly!) to the Richmond Municipal Airport which is located just south of Richmond in Boston.  An opportunity presented itself, courtesy of our Life Enhancement Department, to hang out with some owners and/or operators of several very recognizable bi-planes that are always buzzing over Richmond.   … Read more

Are You Kidding?

Uh oh.  What do you do when you have a leaky roof?  Panic and call your friends and tell them you can’t possibly focus on anything else right now because your roof is leaking and it has to be fixed before you can go on that long-awaited and carefully planned trip to the beach with  … Read more

Spotlight on Environmental Services

If you are like most of us, there is nothing too exciting about cleaning anything.  Nope, it doesn’t usually make anyone’s heart race with delight.  But it has to be done, and we do it very well here!  FFC has the most wonderful group of employees in Environmental Services anywhere, and that’s not just “whistling  … Read more

Live More, Regret Less!

We know you have heard this before – that no one ever says in their golden years, “Gee, I wish I had spent more time at the office.”  Here is some sound advice from MSN Money to avoid regrets later in life: Find a good balance between personal time and work time.  Log off the  … Read more

FFC’s Not-So-Secret Garden Tour

Recently, several residents in our Independent Housing area sponsored a wonderful “Garden Tour” – just for each other!  The tour offered a lovely stroll through many delightful gardens and was enjoyed by many of us in the Community.  See more photos here. The National Institute for Fitness and Sport published an article just last month  … Read more