Spotlight on Environmental Services

If you are like most of us, there is nothing too exciting about cleaning anything.  Nope, it doesn’t usually make anyone’s heart race with delight.  But it has to be done, and we do it very well here!  FFC has the most wonderful group of employees in Environmental Services anywhere, and that’s not just “whistling  … Read more

Live More, Regret Less!

We know you have heard this before – that no one ever says in their golden years, “Gee, I wish I had spent more time at the office.”  Here is some sound advice from MSN Money to avoid regrets later in life: Find a good balance between personal time and work time.  Log off the  … Read more

FFC’s Not-So-Secret Garden Tour

Recently, several residents in our Independent Housing area sponsored a wonderful “Garden Tour” – just for each other!  The tour offered a lovely stroll through many delightful gardens and was enjoyed by many of us in the Community.  See more photos here. The National Institute for Fitness and Sport published an article just last month  … Read more

Spotlight on Accounting

Questions about your bill?  Who ya’ gonna call?  No, not Ghostbusters!  Tempting as that might be, call the super smart and super trustworthy folks that work in the FFC Accounting Department!  Pictured are John Robinson, VP of Finance and Development; Corliss Brokamp, Bookkeeper; and Pam Brawley, Assistant Bookkeeper.  What do they do?  Specifically for our  … Read more

Art Can Take All Shapes and Sizes

We’re not talking about our good friend Art Vandelay, but art that comes from within – be it painting or woodworking or quilting or anything dreamed up and then created.  Even a beautiful and unique birthday cake is art in its most delicious form!  And who doesn’t love to read a well-crafted poem or story?  … Read more

Dear Ole’ Dad

Happy Father’s Day to our very dear old dads!  Let’s take a moment to celebrate fatherhood – the paternal bonds of our fathers and their influence on society, and let’s face it, their influence on all of us!  Study after study has shown the importance of fathers in the healthy development of children.  Every dad  … Read more

New Menus are Here! New Menus are Here!

Dining at FFC is an experience, and we don’t serve the same dishes over and over and over again.  Our goal is to keep the great favorites on the menu and mix it up with new and seasonal recipes in our ongoing efforts to make mealtimes special here.  Try this, it’s summery and yummery! Strawberry  … Read more

Death and Taxes

Yes, they are unfortunately still certainties.  April is over; we don’t want to talk about taxes.  And working or living at a retirement community, we don’t really need to talk much about death.  We are aware of it. Let’s talk about life.  Happy, vibrant, hopeful life.  We persevere.  Isn’t that what a successful life is  … Read more

We’re Going Places

On this bus trip, we are actually leaving the state, although we do concede that doing so is fairly easy since our Community is located just a few miles from the Indiana/Ohio border.  Come on along!  Today’s journey includes a “delicious” destination – sipping elegant teas at a delightful tea room in Ohio. Our residents are likelier  … Read more

Mother, May I?

May I write about you, mother?  According to Wikipedia, Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.  At Friends Fellowship, we truly are grateful for all of the moms among us and especially for their never-ending influence, but officially we celebrate our mothers annually with  … Read more