A Round of Polite Applause Please

Well, we don’t like to brag – but we’re going to!  Early in April, the surveyors from the Indiana State Department of Health completed our annual survey, and Friends Fellowship Community received a deficiency-free report!  That really is great news for all of us, so we are taking this opportunity to toot our own horn  … Read more

April is National Occupational Therapy Awareness Month!

What is occupational therapy?  Occupational therapy (OT) helps people learn how to compensate and/or regain skills in order to lead a full and productive life.  What kind of skills are we talking about?  We are talking about activities of daily living, commonly called ADLs, and that includes: bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, resting and sleeping, working  … Read more

Is Retirement Risky?

Everything is risky, from birth on.  Everyone’s path through the years is different, and now you might be approaching retirement.  Here are fifteen retirement risks culled from a study by Metlife that are worth reviewing, especially if you enjoy risk management! Longevity: Outliving Retirement Resources Inflation Interest Rates Stock Market Fluctuations Pension or Annuity Change  … Read more

Third Annual Souper Douper Cook-Off

Yummy soups of all kinds were prepared by chefs from several local senior care facilities, FFC included.  We can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had in just the selection of the soup that we would be entering — taste-testing can get pretty intense!  Our entry was Buffalo Chicken Soup, and not only  … Read more

Your doctor probably doesn’t, but we do…

…make house calls!  Does the thought of downsizing completely overwhelm you?  Do you have a home full of memories that are tangible – art collections, special furniture items, mementos from every vacation your family enjoyed?  Some people look to us at Friends Fellowship for guidance in deciding what moves and what stays behind.  Never fear,  … Read more

Which is it? Ping-Pong or Table Tennis?

Table tennis, which officially became an Olympic sport in 1988, originated as a popular game in England during the 1880’s and was generally known by its first nicknames of either “ping-pong” or “wiff-waff.”  The upper-classes were especially fond of playing ping-pong as an after-dinner parlour game.  It has been suggested that the game was first  … Read more

Spotlight on the Grounds Crew!

One of the features at Friends Fellowship Community that sets us apart from other retirement communities in this area is our grounds – and when we say that we are set apart from the others we mean FAR  apart.  The landscaping and grounds at FFC are spectacular during every season of the year.  Just check out the  … Read more

We’re so easy to talk to!

A local radio station frequently announces, “We’re the world’s most interactive radio station.”  Then someone else immediately chimes in, “That’s a bold statement!”  That is indeed a bold statement, and we don’t claim to be the world’s most interactive retirement community.  But we are getting there, and more importantly, we are trying in any way  … Read more

Here is a question for YOU!

Those of us that do the initial visits with prospective residents are quite often met with this sentiment – “I really don’t think we are ready for a move like this, maybe in a few years, but not now.”  As we listen, we know deep down that it would be the right move for them  … Read more

It’s just nicer here…

We do say that!  To borrow from another blogger at glynndevins.com, Mary Schuler, “sometimes we do judge a book by its cover.”  And she further pointed out that there’s nothing really wrong with being interested in and perhaps critical of the outward appearance each senior community is presenting.  Mary further explained that it doesn’t take  … Read more