Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All

One of our residents just happened to mention that she could not park her car in her car space because of the goose eggs.  I did not think much about it until today so I walked over to take a look.     Good heavens you’d think the mama goose could pick a better spot  … Read more

Heroes Work Here

What a nice surprise to see this message at the entrance to Friends Fellowship Community!     We appreciate the Chamber of Commerce putting this at our entrance.  Everyone at FFC has been working so hard so this really made our day!  Yes heroes do work here and we love our Community.

Social Distancing Visitors

We had three visitors this week observing social distancing and they were definitely the SOCIAL hit for our residents.   Our lovable friends, Lucy, Arlo and Griffy, traveled outside our Main Building windows just to give a glimpse and say hello to our residents.  We are so sorry they could not give us their usual  … Read more

Our Architect– K2MDesign

Becky Stambaugh visited our Community a couple of times.  One was a photo shoot of the recent changes made in our renovation project.  The last time she visited in February was to share her photos and also to chat about our project and how it has impacted our residents and staff. https://www.k2mdesign.com/projects/senior-living/friends-fellowship-celebrating-50-years-of-independent-living/ It is very  … Read more

What Do We Do Now?

  All of us are experiencing new emotions; families home together all day, cooking three meals, unloading/loading the dishwasher, what to wear for a day at home, how do we occupy our time, and many more unexpected emotions. On the positive side, this stay-at-home experience may force us to look outside our comfort zone or  … Read more

One Person Can Make a Difference

This week I walked down the hall and happened to glance in the sewing room.  I backed up and looked again.  This is what I saw-       Audrey is a soft spoken, kind hearted person with a boat load of talent!  In questioning her, she said she just used fabric she has on  … Read more

Social Isolation and Loneliness

I think we are all experiencing one or both of these as we are going through the coronavirus epidemic.  Social isolation is basically a lack of contact with others.  During this epidemic the mandatory isolation can increase our depression, anxiety and lack of energy.  Lack of contact with other human beings is not fun!  Some  … Read more

Buffleheads-Oh My

As I have said many times, you just never know what you will see around our campus.  For the last three days we have had a pair of Buffleheads on our pond—YES BUFFLEHEADS.   They have evolved their small size to fit the nesting cavity of a woodpecker or the Northern Flicker.  Due to their small  … Read more

Something to Smile About

We are all going through times we have never experienced before.  Our days are devoted to keeping our residents safe and secure AND also happy!     Steve and Kim made us giggle and smile when they came to work in their St. Patrick’s Day attire.  Something so simple can have a huge impact.  A  … Read more

January Employee of the Month

  Congratulations to Star Toschlog, FFC’s Employee of the Month for January 2020. Star began her career with Friends Fellowship in 2012.  She went through our CNA class and then became our transporter.  We are excited to share the news that she recently completed her QMA training. Some of Star’s co-workers had some very nice  … Read more