Spotlight on the Grounds Crew!

One of the features at Friends Fellowship Community that sets us apart from other retirement communities in this area is our grounds – and when we say that we are set apart from the others we mean FAR  apart.  The landscaping and grounds at FFC are spectacular during every season of the year.  Just check out the  … Read more

We’re so easy to talk to!

A local radio station frequently announces, “We’re the world’s most interactive radio station.”  Then someone else immediately chimes in, “That’s a bold statement!”  That is indeed a bold statement, and we don’t claim to be the world’s most interactive retirement community.  But we are getting there, and more importantly, we are trying in any way  … Read more

Here is a question for YOU!

Those of us that do the initial visits with prospective residents are quite often met with this sentiment – “I really don’t think we are ready for a move like this, maybe in a few years, but not now.”  As we listen, we know deep down that it would be the right move for them  … Read more

It’s just nicer here…

We do say that!  To borrow from another blogger at, Mary Schuler, “sometimes we do judge a book by its cover.”  And she further pointed out that there’s nothing really wrong with being interested in and perhaps critical of the outward appearance each senior community is presenting.  Mary further explained that it doesn’t take  … Read more

Alvin the Leonberger

We aren’t really sure which is bigger…our smiles when Alvin comes to visit or Alvin himself!  Alvin is a Leonberger, a giant breed of dog bred originally in Germany that is also known for its intelligence and somewhat lion-like appearance.  Alvin’s handlers, Julia and Steve Roberts, gave him that name because the German meaning of  … Read more

Flu season is here. Here’s what you need to know.

1.     Get your flu vaccination.  It’s not too late; flu season lasts through April.  As a retirement community/health care provider, all FFC employees are strongly encouraged to get a yearly flu shot, provided on the premises and free of charge.  And of course, all of our residents are given the opportunity to get a flu  … Read more

Visitors from a Zoo!

What do you think of when you imagine who or what might provide comfort when one is in need of a little emotional support? A bowl of chicken noodle soup and a long chat with your best friend? Sure, those are great but so is a visit from a few of the special creatures of  … Read more

Annual Employee Awards Banquet

Our employees who have worked at FFC for at least a year have a special opportunity each November to gather outside of work to share a wonderful meal, socialize, play games and win prizes, and receive recognition for their service and commitment to FFC.   While we had fifty-one employees receive recognition for service, we would  … Read more

Trick or Treat, FFC Style!

In North America, “trick or treat” has been a customary Halloween activity since at least the early 1950’s.  The majority of us remember this special fall event and our costumes, sometimes elaborate and sometimes put together at the last minute, very fondly.  And who among us doesn’t remember getting home to dump out and immediately  … Read more

Available Apartments

We have several beautiful apartments in the Main Building with floor plans and lovely views to please everyone.  Please consider scheduling a tour with us; we would be so pleased to meet you! Independent Residential Apartment #233-234 This elegant apartment is set up as our model, but it’s also available to buy.  There is a  … Read more