Inch By Inch

We are so excited to see the progress being made with our renovation project. A week may go by and things do not look any different, but all of a sudden there are new handrails on the wall in the hallways, sconces are going up, and canned lights are being installed in the new main office area.    … Read more

Green Tea—Even More Benefits Than We Thought

Just plain green tea or green tea with lemonade has always been a healthy and refreshing drink. The most recent AARP newsletter shares even more benefits from this wonderful drink.–REACT1-020218-A4-2735232&ET_CID=2735232&ET_RID=33263828&mi_u=33263828&mi_ecmp=20180202_WEBLETTER_Member_MREACT1_Winner_339600_465301&encparam=Ejp6Nz4EeY6in93VM7P16HbNHaacUEYcUafQyTw1x4w=   So when you think about grabbing that DIET COKE, why not try a hot or cold cup of green tea. You will not  … Read more

Watch Us On TV

Melissa and I will be on WCTV, Channel 11, this coming Tuesday, January 23, at 6:00 p.m. The program will run for four weeks. After that, it will be available “on demand” via the internet. Check out to find out more about on demand viewing. We were asked to be “on air” to promote  … Read more

It Is That Time of Year-

It’s a new year and time for all of us to refocus on our health and fitness. If you are going to the gym that is great! For those of you that prefer walking, I thought you might enjoy the article I received via email from Mayo Clinic. It tells us how walking can reduce  … Read more

Brain Power

A few months ago I wrote about becoming old enough to get my OWN AARP card! Well, I have certainly come to enjoy having it and have started embracing becoming an older adult!!!! The AARP Bulletin for December arrived, and I anxiously browsed through it to see what tidbits I could pick up. One article,  … Read more

The Team That Keep us Ticking-

Our Maintenance Department will soon have a new home and they are excited for the extra storage and work space.   FFC has lots of “moving parts” that keep us up and running. From appliances in Independent Housing, to drains in every apartment, to bushes that need trimming, to water heaters that leak—our Maintenance Department  … Read more

Baby Boomers and Medicare

Yes we BOOMERS are rapidly approaching the point in our lives where we should start researching Medicare and the options available. I recently joined AARP (I always said I would not acknowledge aging, but I gave in to the benefits.) Each month I receive a monthly newsletter which is very informative. Before you make any  … Read more

Oh What a Night—once again-

            On Thursday, November 2, we honored our staff at the 28th Annual Employee Service Awards Banquet at The Olde Richmond Inn. Appetizers and dinner were followed by our “Trivia Quiz” and our one and only magician, the magnificent and talented Gary Mills. Millsey’s Magic Show is always a highlight  … Read more

Indiana State Department of Health Says-

Recently the Indiana State Department of Health conducted their annual survey of our Community. We are pleased to announce we had a perfect survey which means we were deficiency free. To celebrate this accomplishment, we celebrated on October 26 with a wonderful meal for our employees (all three shifts). Jerry Toschlog brought his photo booth and props  … Read more


I just had to share this picture where I had the privilege of taking the “first swing” at our planters outside the elevator on each floor. For 18 years I have decorated them seasonally and have found over the years they are a storage area for dirt, Kleenexes, ribbon, paper, etc. When our design team  … Read more