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Friends Fellowship Community Celebrates National Occupational Therapy Month this April       Occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants help people of all ages participate in the everyday activities (occupations) they want and need to do.  Occupational therapy enables people to be engaged and live a meaningful lifestyle.  Occupational therapy helps with many areas of occupation including bathing,  … Read more

It’s No Yolk, We Have Live Baby Chicks Strutting Around the Life Enhancement Office!!

What an adventurous and exciting month we have had here at Friends Fellowship Community.  Our good friend, Pat Foreman, generously brought incubated chick eggs to our community.  Pat taught us about the awe-inspiring journey from egg to chick during a wonderful educational presentation.  It covered the entire process of finding fertile eggs (even without a  … Read more

Woodpeckers Land at Friends Fellowship Community

We are so lucky to have Cope Environmental Center in the Richmond area.  Cope Environmental Center promotes their mission to stimulate sustainable use of our earth’s resources through educational programs, demonstrations, and research.  Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Traci from Cope into our Community, who taught us all about woodpeckers in Indiana  … Read more

Opening Minds through Art – Two Years and Going Strong

Today we sang, laughed, reminisced, and created beautiful works of art with our friends from Earlham, IU East, and other community volunteers.  Our Opening Minds through Art program (OMA) has been thriving for over two years thanks to the hard work and dedication from staff, volunteers, and most importantly, residents.  Each OMA artist here at  … Read more

Caregiver I, II and III Classes at FFC

Friends Fellowship continually looks for ways to improve the care and services we offer to our residents.  The Caregiver I, II, and III classes were designed to give educational opportunities for CNAs to reinforce and learn new skills. To have the opportunity to take part in the classes, CNAs must meet certain criteria. Caregiver I:   … Read more

Stress and the Caregiver

Many times stress can creep up on us.  If you are caring for a loved one with some form of dementia, the following eight questions, “Caregiver Stress Check”, might help you decide if you are at the point of needing help: Alzheimers Association At Friends Fellowship Community, we have “Respite Care” that would be a  … Read more

Living Life to the Fullest

As we grow older, we have two options–either enjoy the process and live life to the fullest or just give up.  I recently read this article on Betty White from Senior Housing Forum that I thought had a wonderful perspective on aging and LIVING! Senior Housing Forum You always hear people say age is just  … Read more

More information on antibiotic stewardship from Melissa

Melissa Harrison, MDS Coordinator, is on our stewardship team at FFC.  They are involved in setting goals for the coming year.  Here are facts that Melissa feels are important for everyone to know: 1.  Just one dose of antibiotic can teach the body to become resistant to that drug the next time you may need  … Read more

Things you need to know about antibiotic stewardship

Friends Fellowship Community is leading the way in establishing programs to reduce the threat of antibiotic resistance in our Community.  The federal government has mandated that all nursing homes make antibiotic stewardship a component in their infection control program by November 28, 2017. The following is a quote from our Clinical Consultant Pharmacist, Jerry Roesener:  … Read more

Wintertime Blues

Do you ever feel you are caught in the middle, do not know which direction to turn, or you are just at a standstill?  You need to make a lifestyle change, but you are not sure what your next step should be.       Eugenia Mills, our WONDERFUL resident photographer, caught this picture of  … Read more