Alvin and Arlo, What a Pair!

I am sure by now you have heard about the famous Leonberger therapy dog named Alvin. The Roberts, his human partners, and Alvin volunteer their time to the Salvation Army. This is the fifth year for Alvin to ring bells for the Salvation Army. Can you imagine saying no to ALVIN? He is a regular visitor to  … Read more

OMA Art Shows

Stop by the Community Room next Tuesday, July 26, to see the wonderful works of art completed by our OMA artists! There will also be OMA t-shirts and note cards for sale.

A Season of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and the holiday season have arrived. It is a time when we pause to put a little more focus on our family, friends and blessings. Last Saturday, a Thanksgiving meal was shared with Courtyards residents by more than 115 of their family and friends. Guests were welcomed into The Courtyards and Community Room with  … Read more

An Invitation to Celebrate Fine Art and Special Friends

Opening Minds through Art (OMA) Building bridges across age and cognitive barriers through art.     OMA Art Show Opening Reception will be held on Thursday, December 1, 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Community Room. The public is invited to attend. The exhibit and silent auction of various artworks will continue through December  … Read more

What a magical night

On Thursday, November 3, employees of FFC attended our 27th Annual Employee Service Awards Banquet.  During the awards presentation, 45 employees received their one, five, ten, fifteen, twenty or forty year pin.  We think that is pretty impressive and are very proud to have such wonderful employees. One of our employees, Gary Mills, just happens  … Read more

Foods That Give You The Extra Energy Boost

In a recent article from the HellaWella newsletter, they shared an article from which gives us nine foods that will BOOST our desire to exercise.  I know we can all use that little extra “get up and go” when we are deciding to go or not to go the gym. Eat These 9 Foods  … Read more

Living a Life of Wellness

Residents get moving with Zumba Gold® at our recent Wellness Fair.   There are many quotes and phrases touting the infinite benefits of being active in both mind and body. Friends Fellowship Community embraces wellness to a degree that sets us apart and above. In fact, it is even a specific component of our mission  … Read more

Out and About

Resident programs at FFC are more than just a simple activity or sit-and-listen types of engagement. We strive to offer a variety of activities on and off campus that will help residents maintain health and find joy. We are lucky to be located in a community that offers such culturally diverse opportunities.  Excursions are made  … Read more

Socialization Among Seniors

Socialization among seniors may be one of the most important ways of maintaining or extending our current and future health. The FFC staff is dedicated to our residents’ health and well-being; there are always a variety of things to do no matter the season.  This is where residents develop friendships among peers, exchange information and  … Read more

Caring for your loved one

Caring for a loved one can be expensive and emotionally draining for everyone concerned.  A recent article from the Senior Housing Forum helps shed some light on what the caregiver goes though: Unpaid Family Caregiving of Seniors Extracts A High Cost Did you know that we have “Respite Care” at Friends Fellowship Community?  In our  … Read more