Before our construction project begins, we decided to get everyone together (residents and employees) to take one final picture on our front porch.   At 4:00 p.m. on August 2, 159 smiling faces gathered to share this moment in time.  Karen, our staff photographer, needed to be higher than any ladder we could find so she  … Read more

Walk a Few Feet in Their Shoes

Literally. Friends Fellowship Community periodically holds Family Education Nights focusing on the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to really walk in the shoes of one of our residents living with Alzheimer’s and experience life through their eyes? We have the tools to simulate this experience – it’s  … Read more

Here Come the Boomers

As millions of boomers are transitioning or at least considering a move to a Continuing Care Retirement Community, those of us who work in this industry must be ready for the challenge.   Boomers think differently when it comes to retiring. Quality of life is at the forefront of their minds. What we offer as far  … Read more

Drive Down the Lane and Check Us Out!

  Have you noticed the beautiful new entrance to Friends Fellowship Community? Everything is in bloom and the recent addition of “colorful flowers” makes it look stunning if I do say so myself. As you come down the drive to our campus, you realize there is something special about this Community. In July we will  … Read more

Tis the Season For

May and June are months that birds start migrating from Mexico to Canada.  Each week a different group will pass through inching their way towards a resting stop, perhaps Magee Marsh in Ohio, before they take flight across the water for Canada.  Eugenia Mills is always on the lookout, actually many land right outside her  … Read more

It is Quite Puzzling

Every week our residents successfully complete a new jigsaw puzzle—or maybe two!  I wish we had an actual count of the number completed since this relaxing hobby started in the Library Lounge.  Viot Click and Mary Golden were kind enough to tackle the bird puzzle I brought back from a recent trip to Tucson. What  … Read more

Let Your Spirits Rise as the Fountain Soars

Springtime reminds us it is time to put the fountain back in our pond!  Our staff completed this task in late April with a few hiccups along the way.  It really is more complicated than just moving the fountain to the center of the pond.  When you “flip the switch” and nothing happens, you know  … Read more

Reflections: The Magical Performance featuring Caroline Klemperer-Green and Carol Lou Woodward

As a brand-spankin’ new employee at Friends Fellowship Community (FFC) and resident to Richmond, I have never been treated or felt like an “outsider.”  Everyone—residents, co-workers, and community members—has made me feel welcomed, accepted, and valued the past few months, so I hadn’t stopped to think too long about being an “outsider.”  It may sound  … Read more

A Lovely Gathering of Our Marvelous Mothers

On Saturday, May 13th, the happy sounds of loved ones catching up and fine china clinking resonated through the halls of Friends Fellowship Community as families gathered to enjoy an afternoon tea put on in celebration of Mother’s Day. A dozen mothers from The Courtyards and their families were treated to fresh fruit pizzas, finger  … Read more

FFC Shines as OMA Site of the Month

            Opening Minds through Art at Miami University, Ohio, has featured OUR Community’s OMA program. It is exciting to be highlighted in just our second year. The impact of OMA reaches residents, families, and staff as well as our many volunteers who work with us. As we progress into our  … Read more