I just had to share this picture where I had the privilege of taking the “first swing” at our planters outside the elevator on each floor. For 18 years I have decorated them seasonally and have found over the years they are a storage area for dirt, Kleenexes, ribbon, paper, etc. When our design team decided they should be removed, I was OVERJOYED!!!

Pam enthusiastically begins demolition of the brick planters

It felt so good to get take out my frustrations as the demolition began. Out with the old, in with the new! We will have a wonderful art gallery in the same place on the 2nd floor and we are still pondering how to use them on the 1st and 3rd floors.



P.S. I did find this little turtle in the planter which I rescued from the demolition.       

Watch our blog over the coming months to follow the turtle’s journey all over our campus to stay up-to-date on the physical changes to our campus.