One Person Can Make a Difference

This week I walked down the hall and happened to glance in the sewing room.  I backed up and looked again.  This is what I saw-




Audrey is a soft spoken, kind hearted person with a boat load of talent!  In questioning her, she said she just used fabric she has on hand.  The colors and detail are just amazing.   She meticulously used pins to hold the fabric in place.  Audrey has sewn for years and her apartment is full of the love and care she takes in anything she does.   Hopefully the art of making a quilt or wall hanging is not lost on the younger generation.  I know I certainly could not do this nor would I have the patience.


As I left I thanked her for letting me take a pictures.  You could tell she was very proud and with her sweet smile we see every day at FFC, she said thank you.  We are so lucky and it is just nicer here!