Social Isolation and Loneliness

I think we are all experiencing one or both of these as we are going through the coronavirus epidemic.  Social isolation is basically a lack of contact with others.  During this epidemic the mandatory isolation can increase our depression, anxiety and lack of energy.  Lack of contact with other human beings is not fun!  Some of us may be content to sit at home and read while some of us thrive on exercise, activity and being with others.

Loneliness, on the other hand, is the quality of being without companions, remote, isolation—the unhappiness that is felt because a person does not have friends or anyone to talk to.  People often try to hide loneliness.

As a Community, we need to be aware of both situations and strive to recognize the signs if our residents are experiencing one or both.  There will be an end to this epidemic and we will hit the ground running to get back to a “new normal” life!