Trick or Treat, FFC Style!

In North America, “trick or treat” has been a customary Halloween activity since at least the early 1950’s.  The majority of us remember this special fall event and our costumes, sometimes elaborate and sometimes put together at the last minute, very fondly.  And who among us doesn’t remember getting home to dump out and immediately start sorting through our sugary treasures?

Every year before Halloween, the children and grandchildren of our employees enjoy a really safe and super fun evening of trick or treating with our residents.  Some of our residents don’t often get as many visitors as they would like, especially if their children and grandchildren don’t live in the Richmond area.   Seeing these costumed children and even a Boston Terrier dressed up for the occasion is a huge treat, and the residents love to hand out candy and make a big fuss over the little trick or treaters.  And what parent doesn’t like to see their child as important in someone else’s eyes?  It’s truly a great evening of games and refreshments for everyone involved – residents, parents and children all enjoyed this spooktacular evening!

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