Visitors from a Zoo!

Columbus Zoo visit

What do you think of when you imagine who or what might provide comfort when one is in need of a little emotional support? A bowl of chicken noodle soup and a long chat with your best friend? Sure, those are great but so is a visit from a few of the special creatures of the world who now reside at the Columbus Zoo, rated as one of the best in the country. Early in November, two local girls, Katie Stevens and Heather Coniff, brought some select animals to FFC, and our residents had an African adventure “up close and personal!” No passport needed, no shots to travel, no bags to pack. We all just gathered in the Community Room to see and learn a little about the following guests: a penguin, anteater, armadillo, porcupine, toucan, serval cat, and a kinkajou (better known as a honey bear)! Check out these great photos!

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