Woodpeckers Land at Friends Fellowship Community

We are so lucky to have Cope Environmental Center in the Richmond area.  Cope Environmental Center promotes their mission to stimulate sustainable use of our earth’s resources through educational programs, demonstrations, and research.  Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Traci from Cope into our Community, who taught us all about woodpeckers in Indiana and shared a delicious treat with us: caterpillars (RELAX, they were cookies Image result for smiley face).  Here are some pictures from our fun afternoon with Traci, Cheryl, and the woodpeckers.  We are ready to “spring” into spring and are already anxiously awaiting the composting and planting program Traci is bringing to us next month.  If you plan on joining us, which I highly recommend, I suggest you come early!  We had such a great crowd today we almost ran out of cookies!!